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Keep Your Dryer Clutter-Free to Avoid Dryer Repair in St. Peters, MO

February 1, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Most of us don’t think about dryer operation or dryer safety when the appliance is operating smoothly. It’s a fairly straightforward machine, with few parts and simple systems. You put your clothes in, choose a setting and hit start. In a little while, you can remove the clothes, fully dried. While this simplicity usually holds true, there are some things you should know to avoid dryer repair in St. Peters, MO. To keep your laundry room operations safe and repair-free, use the following tips. Don’t Pile Clothes on Top Have you ever removed a load of laundry from the dryer... View Article

Call Us for Washer and Dryer Repair in St. Louis County, MO

May 8, 2016 Published by Leave your thoughts

No one wants to go to the laundromat when you can have a perfectly working washer and dryer in St. Louis County, MO in your own home. There is no doubt that, if these appliances break down, it can upset the whole order of your household. When this occurs, contact Crews Appliance Repair for service calls. We will get there quickly so your next stop is not the laundromat. Experience and reliability Whether your washer or dryer is 20-year-old workhorse or a modern, efficient front loader, we have the experience to get it working well once again. Maytag, Whirlpool and... View Article