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Safety and Maintenance Tips for Gas Stoves

January 8, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

Cooks must be extra careful once fire comes into play. Gas stoves have many benefits over electrical ones, but they also have many safety concerns. Burns, gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning could all happen while cooking with a gas stove. Before checking out your brand-new range, take a moment to review these gas stove safety and maintenance tips. Install carbon monoxide detectors The biggest concern with this type of stove is a gas leak. Gas leaks fill the home with carbon monoxide, an odorless chemical that becomes deadly when the levels are too high. Keep your family safe by... View Article

The Difference Between Gas and Electric Stoves

December 25, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Homeowners all face the same dilemma: electric vs. gas stoves. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, which makes it difficult to choose one or the other. Quality, energy sources, price and safety all contribute to your final decision. Let’s break down these four factors and help you decide whether to buy a gas or electric stove. Cooking quality Homeowners who love to cook may prefer gas stoves over their electric counterparts. Gas stoves heat cookware with an open flame that allows for more accurate temperature readings. The flames cook ingredients more thoroughly and achieves better heat distribution. On the other... View Article

Don’t Use the Self-Cleaning Feature on Your Oven Before Reading This

March 11, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

If you have a self-cleaning oven in St. Peters, MO, congratulations! You’re mostly free of the hassle of scrubbing the inside of your oven, which can be a very tedious task. But don’t let the moniker of “self-cleaning” fool you—it’s not an entirely hands-off process. There are some things you should know before self-cleaning your oven, both for the sake of your appliance and for your household. Here are some tips for making the most of your self-cleaning oven. Self-cleaning oven tips Before using your self-cleaning oven, you should understand how it works, and how to make sure it works... View Article

What’s Wrong with Your Stove Igniter?

January 25, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Gas stoves include a stove igniter, which produces a spark and allows the burner to ignite. Eventually, the igniter becomes fussier and may stop working altogether. Frustrated St. Peters, MO homeowners either start lighting burners with a grill lighter or call a local oven repair service for help. However, before you call us, try cleaning the ignitor first. Here’s how to do it: Turn off the gas: Before you start cleaning, turn off the gas. While you can turn off the gas at the knobs, there is still the risk of turning the stove on as you clean. Natural gas... View Article

Five Signs Your Oven Needs Repair

September 2, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

It’s hard enough getting your whole family to sit down to enjoy a meal together at the end of a long, busy day. When you suddenly have to deal with an oven that refuses to function correctly, the whole meal goes out the window and you end up ordering pizza or another unhealthy substitute. Stick to your dinner plans by contacting quality oven repairmen in St. Peters, MO when your oven stops working. My oven isn’t working—now what? Like any appliance in your home, an oven may face any number of problems over the years. Trying to diagnose and fix... View Article