Keep Your Dryer Clutter-Free to Avoid Dryer Repair in St. Peters, MO

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Most of us don’t think about dryer operation or dryer safety when the appliance is operating smoothly. It’s a fairly straightforward machine, with few parts and simple systems. You put your clothes in, choose a setting and hit start. In a little while, you can remove the clothes, fully dried. While this simplicity usually holds true, there are some things you should know to avoid dryer repair in St. Peters, MO.

To keep your laundry room operations safe and repair-free, use the following tips.

Don’t Pile Clothes on Top

Have you ever removed a load of laundry from the dryer and simply piled all the clothes on top of the machine? You may have left them there for a while as you started the next load. This is a mistake—it poses a fire hazard. Items can easily fall behind the dryer, where the appliance generates a lot of heat. Since clothes are flammable, you could have a major disaster on your hands.

Instead of cluttering the top of your dryer, use a laundry basket on the floor. If you have space, use a table, counter or shelf for the dry laundry. The important thing is to keep the dryer area open so the heat has room to escape rather than turn your clean clothes into flames.

Clean the Lint Trap

This tip is one we’ve all heard, but many people still fail to perform this essential step. As with maintaining a clutter-free area, this maintenance is important to keep heat levels safe. If the lint trap is full, hot air cannot escape your dryer. It can overheat and either break down or burn up. An easy way to avoid expensive dryer repair in St. Peters, MO is to clean your lint trap after every load. A good way to remember this task is to make a habit of checking the lint trap before you start each load.

Clean the Vent

Keeping your lint trap clean is a good practice, but it’s not the only step necessary to maintain your dryer. At least once a year, perform a complete cleaning of the dryer’s exhaust system. Pull the dryer away from the wall and clean out all the lint from the vent. Check the exhaust tubing. Clear out the wall vent. Ensure the entire system is clear of any obstructions. Even if you clean your lint trap regularly, this area can become filled with debris. When it does, it poses a fire hazard. Put this maintenance item on your list as part of your spring cleaning each year to avoid a laundry room disaster.

Call the Pros

If you need additional information about proper dryer maintenance or professional dryer repair in St. Peters, MO, contact the experts at Crews Appliance Repair. We bring extensive experience to every job. Our in-depth knowledge of appliances will keep your dryer running smoothly and make your laundry day more efficient. We strive to provide same-day service, and we stand behind all our work. Contact us today for dryer repairs big and small.

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