What Are the Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning and Replacement?

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If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: clean your dryer vent. Clear out the lint trap after every load, and clean the entire system every year. You’ve been told you should do this, but do you know why? It’s not simply to check an item off your spring cleaning list. As specialists in dryer repair in St. Peters, MO, we’ve seen the effects of neglecting this chore.

Completing this task actually offers multiple benefits. Following are a few. Take advantage of these by cleaning or replacing your dryer vent on a regular basis.

Reduces the Risk of Fire

Did you know that failure to clean your dryer vent poses a fire hazard? Lint is extremely flammable. When it builds up in your dryer vent, the heat from the dryer can easily cause this material to catch on fire. Thousands of house fires each year are caused by dryer lint. Don’t let yours be the next disaster. To reduce your risk of fire, have your system professionally cleaned each year. This deep, thorough cleaning will help keep your system running safely.

Reduces Repairs

When your dryer vent is clogged, your appliance has to work extra hard. This puts unnecessary wear and tear on your dryer, which makes it more likely that it will need dryer repair in St. Peters, MO. In the end, you will spend more on repairs than you would on a professional cleaning that could prevent the breakdowns in the first place. Contact your dryer repair specialists to schedule a vent cleaning and save time, money and hassle down the road.

Reduces Drying Time

Who doesn’t like shorter chores? When your dryer vent is clean, the clothes dry faster. Humid air escapes faster when there is no lint buildup to block it in. When your dryer vents are professionally cleaned, you can enjoy shorter drying times for each load. Think of all the things you could do with that extra time!

Reduces Utility Bills

Lint clogs cause your dryer to work inefficiently and increase drying times. This results in higher utility bills. By properly maintaining your dryer vents, you will increase your energy efficiency and enjoy a reduced utility bill. You’ll spend less money on drying clothes and have more to spend on things that are a lot more fun than laundry.

Reduces Clothing Damage

The extra heat generated from a clogged dryer vent is not good for your clothes. They get more heat than they should and may end up damaged. Delicate fibers are particularly vulnerable to the extra heat. To protect your clothing and extend its life, have your dryer vents cleaned by professionals at least once each year.

Increase Your Benefits

Start taking advantage of the many benefits of dryer vent cleaning or replacement today. Contact your local experts in dryer repair in St. Peters, MO for top-level services. The professionals at Crews Appliance Repair are ready to assist you with all your dryer vent needs. Get in touch today to learn more or schedule service!

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