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What to Do if Your Dishwasher Isn’t Draining

February 18, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Of all the large household appliances, the dishwasher is the one that’s either used regularly or not at all—or not as it was intended to be used. For example, you might use the dishwasher for air drying dishes after hand washing them, or only after big dinner parties. No matter the frequency of use, there may come a time when your dishwasher stops draining properly. This is noticeable when you open the door and see standing water in the bottom, but the clearest sign of trouble is water coming out of the appliance during a wash cycle. If you’re asking... View Article

Why Is My LG Dishwasher Not Cleaning Properly?

August 21, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Do you have an issue with your LG dishwasher? If so, don’t stress, because Crews Appliance Repair has plenty of knowhow when it comes to dishwasher repair in St. Peters, MO. In fact, we happen to specialize in LG dishwashers! Here’s a closer look at some common problems you may encounter with your LG dishwasher: Water pump belt: Not every LG dishwasher has a water pump belt. But for the models that do, this part can be a common problem source. Look up whether your dishwasher model has a water pump belt, or remove the lower panel to see for... View Article

Why You Need to Clean Your Dishwasher Filter

October 6, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

Your dishwasher is supposed to clean things, so why does it smell so funky sometimes? And why do your dishes still seem to be dirty even after completing a full cycle? Even if your dishwasher was once an incredible effective appliance that left you with sparkling clean dishes every time, you might find that its quality has gone down over the years. When you unload dishes that are grimy and glasses that have residue on them, you might think that your dishwasher has simply worn out and needs to be replaced, or that you need to shop for replacement appliance... View Article

Why Does My Dishwasher Dry Dishes on a Half-Cycle?

July 13, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

If you own a dishwasher, you’re probably used to the luxury of putting messy dishes in, walking away and returning to sparkling, dry dishes. There are many different cycles dishwashers have today, including a half-cycle, which uses less water and energy to clean a partial load of dishes. This half-cycle can be nice for those who don’t have a lot of dishes but still need them clean. However, you may find that, after running a half-cycle, your dishes aren’t dry like you’re used to them being after a full cycle! There are a few reasons for this, including that your... View Article