Why Is My LG Dishwasher Not Cleaning Properly?

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Do you have an issue with your LG dishwasher? If so, don’t stress, because Crews Appliance Repair has plenty of knowhow when it comes to dishwasher repair in St. Peters, MO. In fact, we happen to specialize in LG dishwashers!

Here’s a closer look at some common problems you may encounter with your LG dishwasher:

  • Water pump belt: Not every LG dishwasher has a water pump belt. But for the models that do, this part can be a common problem source. Look up whether your dishwasher model has a water pump belt, or remove the lower panel to see for yourself, then contact an expert for appliance repair in St. Peters, MO.
  • Water inlet valve: The water inlet valve is the dishwasher part that lets water into the machine. It can sometimes clog up, meaning that your dishes won’t be cleaned properly. If the problem is with the inlet valve, replacing it is your best bet, as trying to clean the valve could just cause more problems.
  • Upper wash arm: Ever wonder how the water and soap gets distributed up to the top rack of your LG dishwasher? The answer is the upper wash arm, and it can easily clog up over time. This is an easy fix for experts with knowledge of dishwasher parts in St. Peters, MO—you’ll be back on your cleaning game in no time.
  • Lower wash arm: The lower wash arm is the same as the upper wash arm, except that it distributes water to the lower rack. If the dishes on your lower rack aren’t getting as clean as they should after a wash cycle, then chances are your lower wash arm is clogged up with old food particles. As with the upper wash arm, this is an easy fix for the professionals.
  • Circulation pump: The circulation pump forces water through the upper and lower washing arms, ensuring that all of your dishes get a thorough washing and rinsing. The motor in the circulation pump can sometimes break down, so if you don’t hear the familiar whirring noise when you start a wash cycle, this is likely the issue.
  • Upper wash arm spinner: The upper wash arm spinner spins water around throughout the top rack of your LG dishwasher, so that the water dispensed through your upper wash arm is sure to get to every dirty plate, bowl, cup and utensil. When the upper wash arm spinner gets clogged with old food particles, then it won’t be able to spin as fluidly, and may miss some dishes. If some of your dishes on your top rack come out clean, while others are still soiled, the upper wash arm spinner could be defective.

Whether you have a damaged wash arm, a blown-out circulation pump motor or a defective pump belt, Crews Appliance Repair is happy to provide LG dishwasher repair in St. Peters, MO. We have decades of experience in appliance repair in St. Peters, MO, and we promise to never overcharge you. The next time your LG dishwasher fails to make your dishes squeaky-clean, feel free to get in touch!

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