How to Determine When to Replace Your Refrigerator

November 2, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

Refrigerators are one of those household appliances that most people pay little attention to until something goes wrong, and it no longer operates as it once did. If you are trying to determine whether you need refrigerator repair in St. Peters, MO or would benefit from a full replacement, take a look at some of the signs that might be telling you it is time to move on: Spoiled food: One of the most noticeable signs that it might be time for a refrigerator replacement is when the food it holds begins to spoil much sooner than normal. Not only... View Article

Why Your Washing Machine Smells—and How to Clean It

October 21, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

When your laundry comes out of the wash, it smells fresh and clean, but the smell of your washing machine itself can often be far from pleasant. Even if your clothes seem to be getting clean after you run them through the wash, you might still find yourself confronted with the smell of must, mold and mildew every time you reach into your washing machine for your clothes. You might be wondering just why your washing machine smells so foul. Luckily, there is likely a relatively simple reason, and one that does not require expensive washing machine repair in St.... View Article

Why You Need to Clean Your Dishwasher Filter

October 6, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

Your dishwasher is supposed to clean things, so why does it smell so funky sometimes? And why do your dishes still seem to be dirty even after completing a full cycle? Even if your dishwasher was once an incredible effective appliance that left you with sparkling clean dishes every time, you might find that its quality has gone down over the years. When you unload dishes that are grimy and glasses that have residue on them, you might think that your dishwasher has simply worn out and needs to be replaced, or that you need to shop for replacement appliance... View Article

Why Is My Refrigerator Freezing Food?

September 22, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

If you open your fridge one day and find that the items are covered in frost or frozen completely solid, you’re probably going to be concerned. While food items in your fridge are meant to be kept cold, freezing them may change the texture, taste or longevity of your food, so you don’t want to keep them too cold! Plus, frozen food in your fridge may indicate that your refrigerator is broken, which is an appliance headache nobody wants to deal with. Before you pick up the phone and call for refrigerator repair in St. Peters, MO, though, you can... View Article

Do You Need Stove Repair? Here Are Three Major Reasons Why Your Electric Burners Might Not Be Working

September 14, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

Electric stoves work in a very similar way to electric heaters because they use electrical resistance to heat up the burners. If you try to use one of the burners on your electric stove and it won’t get hot or isn’t functioning normally, there is likely a problem with the burner’s electrical components. You may have a faulty or burned out burner switch, block or burner itself. Since your electric stove or oven is hooked up to high-voltage electricity, it can be extremely dangerous for you to attempt to repair it yourself. However, you don’t need to be an expert... View Article