Why Is My Microwave Not Heating Up Food in St. Peters, MO?

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Finding out that something is preventing your microwave from heating up food in St. Peters, MO just as you are trying to warm a delicious plate of leftovers or zap a quick dinner for the family can be extremely frustrating. When a microwave stops working, there can be any number of issues leading to the trouble, and attempting DIY repairs can be dangerous. Fortunately, your local appliance repair specialists are here to help you learn more about some of the reasons your microwave may not be working as it should:

  • Failing door switches: In order to make sure that harmful radiation waves are not released freely into your kitchen, microwaves come with a safety mechanism that will not allow them to heat unless the door is securely closed. There are typically three to four door switches on a microwave that are triggered in a specific sequence, which then signals to the microwave that it is safe to function. If any one of these switches is malfunctioning, your microwave will not heat at all.
  • Damaged magnetron: The magnetron, which is responsible for the production of the radiation, is critical to the operation of your microwave. When the magnetron is damaged and unable to draw energy, your microwave will fail to heat. However, even with the magnetron burnt out, the capacitor can still hold its charge for a long time, making the microwave particularly dangerous to use. To avoid injury, make sure to call on the help of a professional right away.
  • Burnt diode and high voltage capacitor: One of the key components needed to power up the magnetron is the diode, which works with the capacitor to bring the microwave to the correct voltage for heating food. Fortunately, when the diode blows, you will be able to spot it easily for a relatively simple fix, as the part will appear visibly burnt. When the capacitor burns out, on the other hand, the entire voltage circuit will no longer work properly, and your microwave will completely lose its ability to heat.
  • Beware of high voltage: It is important to note that while microwaves are completely safe for everyday use, trying to repair them can be very dangerous, with high risk of electric shock. Microwaves that have been unplugged can still be unsafe, as the electricity could still be flowing through the charged capacitor or one of the many other electrical components.

Because of the high amount of voltage at which microwaves operate, it is best to leave the repairs to a professional. That’s where the skilled team at Crews Appliance Repair comes in. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we know how to complete the necessary repairs without putting anyone in your home in harm’s way, and we will work quickly and safely to have your microwave back up and running in no time. If your microwave is not heating up your food in St. Peters, MO, make sure to give us a call today for the repairs it needs!

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