The Proper Detergent for HE Washing Machines

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Here at Crews Appliance Repair, we pride ourselves on our 35 years of experience in appliance repair in the St. Charles, MO area. By helping our customers get the results they need, we also work to ensure that we build up a client base that trusts our work and believes in the mission that we set out for ourselves. Thus, if you have been wondering about things like the proper HE clothes soap to use in your HE washing machines, we have the answers for you. 

Traditional Washing Machines vs. HE

Many people used traditional washing machines at earlier points in their life. They could use different kinds of clothes soap and not worry about a thing. On top of that, they often felt that using more soap was always the best way to go about things because that was often the case. However, times have changed, and it is not always true that the best route forward is to use as much washing machine soap as possible. Now, high-efficiency (HE) washing machines don’t always require so much. 

The Goal of HE Washing Machines

The intended goal of HE washing machines is to use about 80% less water per load than a traditional washing machine. On top of that, an HE washing machine should have a greater load capacity and wash each load faster. While the machines have hit or exceeded their water usage goal, they often fall behind on their other goals because there is bad information about the washing soap that one should use for these machines. In short, most people are still using too much detergent, and they are using the wrong kinds as well. 

Use Less of HE Clothes Soaps

The best thing to do to get the most efficiency out of your HE washing machine is to use less soap, and to make sure that the clothes soap you do use is specifically designed for your HE washing machine. If both of those things are true, you should start seeing the results promised by your HE washing machine. However, if you don’t get all of that working for you, you will continue using too much soap on your clothes and not get the desired results. 

In fact, you ought to use even less soap than the label recommends. The reason is that many of those labels have not caught up to the fact that many washing machines are now HE. Those labels still give directions based on the assumption that the machine is a traditional machine. Thus, you should try to reduce the amount of soap you use to avoid getting too many suds in your clothes and causing them to not wash properly. As a bonus, doing this should also help you keep your HE washing machine running properly for the long term. 

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