4 Reasons Your Refrigerator Isn’t Cooling Properly

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If your fridge isnt getting cold, there are many reasons for this. Some main causes could be due to filthy condenser coils, improper ventilation, and even dirty gasket seals. But, to correct the issue, it is important to understand what is causing your fridge to not cool properly.

Causes of Improper Refrigerator Cooling

Are you wondering how to fix a warm fridge? You may notice some early indicators that may mean your fridge is beginning to malfunction, including odors from the food in your fridge, indicating it is beginning to spoil. You may also notice the temperature on the inside of the fridge is warm.

Here are some reasons why your fridge may not be cooling properly.

The Location of Your Fridge

Did you know the location of your fridge can have an impact on the way it cools? It matters where you install your fridge to allow for adequate cooling temperatures.

Fridges that are meant to be used indoors should only be used in homes where the temps are not likely to increase or decrease drastically. If you have a fridge in your garage that is meant for indoors, you may notice that the fridge is unable to cool since the temps in a garage are significantly unsteady.

Fridges need to have enough air circulation, which means they should have enough clearance on the back and sides of them.

Clogged Air Vents

Another reason why your fridge is not properly cooling could be due to clogged air vents. Air vents that are blocked could be an issue because they will not allow proper air to filter into the fridge.

You can easily inspect the vents that are inside your fridge to see if there is any food or other items obstructing them.

Damaged Gasket Seals

Gasket seals play a major role in keeping your fridge cool. But, if they are filthy or become damaged, they can cause a leak in your fridge.

Be sure to check the gaskets on the door for debris and dirt. If you notice any, clean them using soap and water. If you have done this and the leak continues, you should probably consult with a service technician for assistance.

Temperatures Are Not Set Correctly

The ideal temp for any fridge is between 32 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows your fridge to perform the best.

If your fridge is not cooling properly, it could be because the temperature controls are not properly set. Sometimes, unbeknownst to you, the temperature can become re-adjusted if your hand or something in the fridge brushes against the temperature controls. If this is what is causing your fridge to improperly cool, turn the temp down inside your fridge and give it a full day to expect the full effect.

Final Thoughts on Fridges Not Cooling Correctly 

If you’ve checked all of the above causes and your fridge is still not cooling as it should, it is time to call in a professional – Crews Appliance Repair. Sometimes, it could be due to something malfunctioning with one of the internal parts of the fridge such as the condenser fan or evaporator fan.  

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