Common Dishwasher Problems and How To Fix Them

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Dishwasher problems can catch you by surprise, but you can get ahead of them by grabbing the knowledge you need today. These are some of the common dishwasher problems and how to fix them. 

Your Unit Emits Funky or Funny Smells 

If you notice odd or funky smells coming from your dishwasher, the problem is most likely trapped food particles. Some old food may be stuck in your dishwasher’s screen, or something plastic may have melted. A careful inspection will indicate where the problem lies, and you can then address it accordingly. 

The Dishwasher Will Not Start

A non-starting dishwasher can refuse to come on for a variety of reasons. One common cause of a dishwasher not starting is a bad connection. Check the main plug and ensure that your dishwasher is connected to the outlet. 

Blown fuses could also be the cause of a non-starting dishwasher. Find your fuse box and check all the fuses to ensure you don’t have a blown one you need to address.

Sometimes, dishwashers won’t start unless they’re in a particular position. Ensure that the dishwasher’s door is closed and the latch is in the correct position for seamless operation. 

One more thing that can cause your dishwasher not to come on all the way is a stuck motor. Check to see if you can free the motor by spinning it by hand. Turn the power to the dishwasher off before you use your hands for anything to avoid electric shock. 

Your Dishes Won’t Dry

Another one of the most common dishwasher problems and solutions is failure to dry the dishes. Heating elements go bad inside dishwashers and stop working before the dishes get a chance to dry. The problem could also be an empty rinse aid dispenser, so you’ll need to check that and ensure it isn’t empty. 

Water Is Leaking on the Floor 

You could have several issues if you notice leaks on the floor. One common issue is worn or broken door gaskets. The gasket provides an air-tight seal that water cannot penetrate. When that item goes, the water can easily leak and make its way to the floor. 

There could also be a piece of debris holding your door open by mistake. Inspect the area around the door to ensure that you don’t have a small object or food particulate in the way, causing your door not to close.

You Hear Strange Noises

Noises can be alarming, but they usually have fairly simple solutions. One problem that can cause your dishwasher to make noise is a bent wash arm. Specific bearings and seals can cause your unit to make noise as well. Furthermore, noises can come from the unit’s pump or motor. 

Try to inspect your dishwasher to see if you can find the problem on your own. If not, the next step is to contact a professional, as the problem may be internal. 

These are a few common problems you might have with your dishwasher. Don’t panic if you notice any of them. Inspect your unit and then contact a professional if you can’t resolve the issue. 

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