Is Your Garbage Disposal Humming or Buzzing? Here’s Why.

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Your garbage disposal is a great addition to any kitchen and can help you get rid of food waste. Keeping this in mind, however, things can get damaged, become worn out, and make strange noises. There are a few reasons why your garbage disposal might be making strange noises, and we want you to know why.

Garbage Disposal Humming and Buzzing

The first and most common cause of garbage disposal humming are parts that are stuck. These can be stuck due to food or other waste in the disposal that is stuck, parts that are broken and cannot move in the manner they should be, or parts that are worn out. When this happens, the sound of the parts trying to move if they are jammed or damaged is prominent.

If your disposal is making strange noises, it may also result from an inadequate power source or a motor that is not working the way it should be. If the motor of your garbage disposal is whirring or buzzing, it may be the result of a motor that is going out, does not have the correct amount of power, or is not able to adequately grind up and move the waste out of the drain.

Professional Garbage Disposal Repair

If you are dealing with a garbage disposal that is making strange noises and not processing garbage the way it should, professional repair may be just what you need. Professional repair is best with something like a garbage disposal because it does have the potential to cause a great deal of damage if it is not handled with care. A great repair company will be able to come in, troubleshoot and find out what issues are present, and then create a repair plan that is going to work for your garbage disposal.

The repair process starts with completely unplugging your garbage disposal and making sure that there is no power to the appliance. Your repair company will then work to look and see if any parts need to be replaced, if any parts need to be adjusted, or if there is a clog that is keeping the disposal from working properly.

The right repair service can get your garbage disposal back working properly and working well. It is far better to have a professional repair company work on your disposal to help ensure it will be repaired right and that it is safe to use.

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