5 Ways You’re Shortening the Lifetime of Your Washer and Dryer

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Today’s washing machines typically last around one decade, but it all depends on how you treat them. Unfortunately, some simple mistakes can ruin these costly appliances, leading to more frequent replacement.

How can you make your washer and dryer last longer? Here are some of tricks to extend the lifetime of your washer and dryer.

Running the laundry machines more than you need to

The lifespan of your washer and dryer is directly related to how often you use them. If you want your washer and dryer to last as long as possible, try to limit your usage to eight loads of laundry or less per week. Regardless of whether you have a top-loading or front-loading machine, you should get a double-digit lifespan out of these appliances by running them as little as possible.

Installing the machines yourself

When it comes to learning how to make your washer and dryer last longer, you should carefully consider how the machines were installed in the first place. Laundry machines should be professionally installed—every time. For one thing, only a professional knows how to install a washer or dryer level, which can be complicated depending on the peculiarities of your floor.

Dryers also need to be installed with proper venting, which involves choosing the right size, material and placement of your venting tube. If you’ve installed the machines yourself, or if you’ve relied on a bargain handyman for the job, call a professional installer to take a look and suggest potential improvements.

Overstuffing the machines

Washers and dryers have to work harder than they should when you’ve stuffed them too full. Not only does this increase the wear and tear on machine mechanisms (particularly, the central agitator in the washing machine), but it also makes it harder to get your clothes completely clean. Avoid overstuffing your machines to increase their lifespan.

Using too much detergent

While you need plenty of detergent to cut through tough stains and grime on your clothes, using too much of it is a bad thing for your washer. Always stick to what the manufacturer recommends, since too much soap and suds can cause your washer to overflow. If you have a high-efficiency washer, you should use even less soap and only use products that are safe for high-efficiency models.

Forgetting to clean the lint catcher

Each time you run your dryer, you should be cleaning the lint out of the lint catcher. If you leave lint in the filter, you greatly reduce the performance of the machine. Not only is it harder on the machine itself, but it slows down the drying process and increases your energy bills.

Want to learn more tricks for extending the life of your washer and dryer? Schedule service with Crews Appliance Repair today. We’ll diagnose and treat common problems with your washer and dryer, performing all necessary preventative maintenance to keep your machines running their best for years to come. Reach out to learn more—we look forward to assisting you!

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