Seven Signs You Need to Repair Your Garbage Disposal

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When used properly, most homeowners can expect their garbage disposals to last for 15 years before they need to be replaced—but that doesn’t necessarily mean the disposal won’t malfunction in its lifespan.

This post will cover a few of the top signs your garbage disposal needs repair.

When should I repair my garbage disposal?

Thankfully, there are several things that are easy to spot when you’re asking yourself, “What are signs my garbage disposal needs repair?” Look out for these indications, and call a professional for repairs right away:

  • It won’t turn on: The easiest way to tell that you need to repair your disposal is if it won’t turn on when you flip the switch. This issue may be caused by a tripped circuit breaker, so check the breaker panel to ensure that’s not the case. If everything looks normal, call a professional to make repairs.
  • Frequent resets: Pressing the reset button can help your disposal recover after it handles a large load or experiences a clog, but you should never have to press the button each time you try to run your disposal. Call a repairman to see what the problem could be if you find yourself constantly using the reset button.
  • Inexplicable clogs: Disposals are only designed to handle small food scraps. Placing large chunks down the drain will eventually lead to clogs, but if you’re using the disposal as intended and it’s still clogging up each time, there’s clearly something wrong with it. A professional can either make repairs or upgrade you with a higher-efficiency model.
  • Strange noises: Weird grinding sounds when you’re running your disposal often indicate an issue with the motor or the blades. Double-check that there isn’t a foreign object caught in the sink, and call a professional to come take a look at the unit.
  • Persistent odors: Your garbage disposal likely doesn’t smell too pleasant since its job is to break down wet food particles, but those smells should go away after you run hot water down the drain. If there’s always a funky odor around the sink, there could be trapped, rotten particles in the disposal. A repairman can take your disposal apart and correct the issue.
  • Water leaks: It’s not uncommon for older disposals to leak after a while, especially if they’ve been mistreated. You may notice water pooling under your kitchen cabinet or even spilling out onto the floor. Be sure to call a specialist ASAP to make repairs, as rotting and mold growth are inevitable the longer the leak goes unaddressed.
  • Poor performance: Well-running disposals break down food scraps in a matter of seconds. There could be something wrong with the blades or the motor if your disposal takes a while to process a load. Hire a pro to either replace or sharpen the blades or repair the motor.

Call Crews Appliance Repair first

If you’ve noticed any of the signs above, be sure to hire our team at Crews Appliance Repair to fix it. We specialize in all sorts of kitchen appliance repair and part replacement—plus, we offer free service calls for any repair over $69. Call today to learn when you should repair your garbage disposal or to schedule our services.

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