Why You Should Clean Your Lint Trap

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Doing laundry isn’t always the most fun part of the day. After all, it’s called a chore for a reason. But can you imagine what it would be like to do laundry without the help of a washer and dryer? It could take up an entire day! That’s why it’s important to take good care of both the washer and dryer. And one key part of keeping the dryer in good condition is lint trap maintenance.

The lint trap should be cleaned before or after every load you run in the dryer. There are several reasons why lint trap maintenance is important, and it goes beyond just the health of your appliance. A lint trap hazard can threaten the safety of your home if not properly abated.

Here are some reasons why it’s important to avoid the lint trap hazard and keep on top of your lint trap maintenance:

Appliance health

The lint trap is a mesh unit that acts as a semipermeable membrane between the dryer bin and the air vent that allows for proper airflow through the unit. It captures the little lint particles (as well as tiny shreds of paper, animal fur, etc.) that naturally come off the clothes in a drying cycle.

If the lint trap is not cleaned regularly, the airflow will not be as consistent as it needs to be to keep your dryer working at peak efficiency. This means it will take longer to dry your clothes properly, which means that each dryer cycle will result in more wear and tear on the appliance.

Energy savings

Along with helping preserve the life of your dryer, proper lint trap maintenance will help save you money on your energy bill. As mentioned, a dirty lint trap will result in poor airflow through the unit, which will force it to work harder than it needs to. Not only does that put more mileage on the appliance, but it costs you more money on your energy bill since it needs to run longer for each cycle to fully dry the clothes, blankets and everything else you may put in it.

Home safety

There’s another important reason why regularly leaning the lint trap is vitally important, and that is to ensure the safety of your home. Dryers can get hot while they’re on, especially if it’s laundry day and they’re running for a long time throughout the day. Couple that with the fact that lint is extremely flammable, and it’s a potential recipe for disaster. If the lint trap is not properly cleaned on a regular basis, the lint can build up and potentially catch fire.

Another safety issue concerns mold. If there is a buildup of lint in the lint trap, it can become stuck, and this can be the perfect environment for mold to grow. The mold spores can easily be carried away by the airflow through the dryer and spread to other areas of your home.

Cleaning the lint trap is a simple task that can help avoid a lot of major hassles with your dryer, but there are other problems that can arise even if you’re diligent with your lint trap cleaning routine. For the best dryer repair service, contact the experts at Crews Appliance Repair today.

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