Five Signs It’s Time to Repair Your Refrigerator

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It’s easy to take having a refrigerator for granted. Having a convenient way to store food and keep it cool has been one of the great technological advances of the past couple centuries. But like any other appliance in your home, at some point you may need to repair your refrigerator.

Have you ever wondered, “When should I repair my refrigerator?” Sometimes it’s easy to tell that you need refrigerator repair, and sometimes the signs are subtle. If you’ve ever thought, “What are the signs my refrigerator needs to be repaired?”, then this article is for you.

Water leaking on the floor

If there’s water leaking onto the floor underneath your refrigerator, it’s probably time to have it inspected. This is not only bad for your floors, but can be a signal that something’s very wrong with your fridge.

It can be caused by a loose hose, a damaged seal or a buildup of condensation that leads to a clog. A refrigerator repair expert should be able to diagnose and remedy the issue.

Food is spoiling quickly

All foods have an expiration date, even those that are refrigerated. But if your food is frequently spoiling long before the expiration date written on the package, that could be a sign that you need to have your refrigerator repaired.

If food spoils prematurely, that means that your refrigerator isn’t performing its cooling function as well as it should, and you should have a technician come out to check on it.

Excess ice and frost

At some point you may have asked yourself, “What are the signs that my refrigerator needs to be repaired?” One sign you may not have considered is the presence of too much ice and frost inside your freezer.

Your freezer shouldn’t be filled with ice, nor should it have a thick layer of frost lining its walls. The problem is likely with the defrost mechanism, and a technician should be able to fix it.

It’s making loud noises

Your refrigerator will naturally make some noise during operation, but if the sounds it’s making are loud enough for you to notice, there could be something wrong with it. An abnormally loud humming sound, or the sound of your refrigerator kicking on and off repeatedly, could spell trouble. If you hear any other sounds, like buzzing, clicking or hissing, these could be worth investigating as well.

Rising utility costs

Seeing an increase in the cost of your utilities might have you asking yourself, “When should I repair my refrigerator?”, and with good reason. A refrigerator that runs inefficiently will need to expend more energy to keep it at the same cool temperature than it normally would if it was working properly.

This, in turn, would drive your energy bill skyward. A refrigerator repair technician will likely be able to tell you why your fridge isn’t running efficiently, and what you can do to get it running correctly again.

Call for your refrigerator repair today

Now that you know some signs that indicate it’s time to repair your refrigerator, give us a call at Crews Appliance Repair. We’ve been the local home appliance repair experts for 35 years, and all our work comes with a 100-day warranty to ensure your satisfaction.

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