What’s Causing My Washing Machine to Leak?

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Nothing feels worse than going into your laundry room and finding a giant puddle on the floor. While some problems are easily fixed, others might end up you costing more time and money than you’d prefer. If you’re in need of washing machine repair in St. Peters, MO, it can be helpful to understand what’s going wrong with your machine when you call a local expert to make repairs. Here are some of the reasons you may be requiring washing machine repair.

Leaks under washing machines

If you find water leaking from beneath your top-loading washing machine, chances are you have a hole in your water pump. Like any leak, you should get this repaired immediately, but for this particular issue the consequences of putting off repair are worse than with some other types of problems. If you don’t repair the issue, water might leak directly onto the washing machine’s motor, which would cause it to fail.

If you have a leak under a front-loading machine, that’s caused by a different issue. Front-loading machines can sometimes have an outer drum that is made up of two halves that are bolted together. If the seam isn’t secure, that can cause a leak. You’ll need to repair or replace the inner drum if this is the cause of your leak.

Leaks on the back side of washing machines

There are several things that can cause a washing machine to leak in the back. Some don’t even require repair, like if you forgot to remove a manufacturer’s drain plug before installing the drain hose of a brand-new washer. In that case you can simply remove the hose (making sure you have a bucket and towels ready), remove the plug and you’re good to go. Loose connections at a fill hose or an improperly secured or clogged drainpipe can also cause this kind of leak.

If you have a front-loading washing machine, you could also develop a leak in the back overflow area by using too much detergent. Front-loading machines don’t require as much detergent.

Leaks on the front side of washing machines

If you see a leak coming from the front of your top-loading washer, you most likely have a clogged or tilted overflow tube. This is especially likely if you have a water softening system in St. Peters, MO. Soft water requires less detergent, so you might need to cut down on the soap if you want to prevent leaks. User error is also a cause of this kind of leak on occasion. Did you overload your washer in a rush to finish the laundry? If you manually moved up the timer this time, that might have caused your spray rinse cycle to go on too long and overflowed your washer.

If you have a front-loading machine, you may have issues with the door of your machine not fitting properly. If you also don’t regularly clean the seal of your front-loading door, the buildup of gunk can cause a leak.

Schedule washing machine repair in St. Peters, MO

If you live in the St. Peters, MO area and have a leaking washing machine, contact the experts at Crews Appliance Repair as soon as possible. With four decades of industry experience, we have what it takes to fix your washing machine and other troublesome appliances.

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