Dryer Not Working Well in Winter? Try This!

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Does it feel like winter has been particularly harsh in St. Peters, MO this year? Maybe that’s just what we say every year around this time because we’ve had more than our fill of snow and wind and cold, and we’re itching to get back outside in the sunshine.

One of the life’s little joys is putting on warm clothes, fresh from the dryer. It can be an instant mood enhancer to feel that warm hug of a sweatshirt against your skin, especially when it’s freezing outside, and especially when we aren’t hugging many people right now due to COVID-19.

But if you have a slow dryer this winter in St. Peters, MO, you’re going to be missing that warm feeling. Here are some reasons why you may be experiencing a slow dryer and how to fix it, as well as some other problems to watch out for.

The cause of a slow dryer in winter

One reason you may be experiencing a slow dryer in winter is because of frozen or blocked dryer vents. The air vent on the exterior of your home may not get much attention, and it may have become frozen over or blocked during the winter months.

There are different styles of dryer vents, and each has its own unique set of problems. Whether you have a flap style vent, one with slats or an uncovered vent, you should check it to make sure it has proper airflow.

Potential problems with frozen dryer air vents

Dryer vents with flaps can become frozen shut if water covers them and freezes soon thereafter. This can cause a host of problems beyond just a slow dryer—it can be dangerous to your home and your family.

With a gas dryer, if the vent becomes blocked, it could result in a carbon monoxide buildup. This can be deadly, and there is no way to notice it other than with a carbon monoxide detector in your home. The gas is odorless and colorless, and you may not realize there’s a problem until someone starts to get sick.

Another problem caused by frozen dryer vents is lint buildup. This can result in a slow dryer, but it can also be even more dangerous than that. Lint buildup can start a fire because it can cause the dryer to overheat.

Cleaning the dryer vent from outside

If you find your dryer vent is frozen or blocked in any way on the outside of your home, you can fix the problem and prevent it from happening again with regular maintenance.

Make sure to regularly check the vent in winter months and clear away any debris, snow or ice building up on or around the vent. It doesn’t take long for this buildup to accumulate enough to block the vent, so make sure to check it regularly, especially after rain or snowfall.

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