Use These Tips to Make Your Refrigerator Last Longer

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The refrigerator is one of the most important and frequently used appliances in the home. While refrigerators are designed to last for a long time, it’s common for them to lose some of their performance and efficiency with regular use. The good news is that homeowners can make refrigerators last longer by taking a few proactive maintenance steps. Keep reading to learn about how to make your refrigerator last longer with help from an honest appliance repair company in St. Peters, MO.

Increasing the lifespan of your refrigerator

Most refrigerators last about 10 years, but that lifespan can vary significantly based on the type of refrigerator and how well it’s cared for. Thankfully, there are lots of things that can increase a refrigerator’s lifespan and prevent mechanical problems from occurring. Here are a few of the best tips to extend a refrigerator’s longevity and keep it working effectively for the long term:

  • Keep your refrigerator clean: Cleaning the refrigerator is one of the most dreaded chores for many homeowners, but it’s very important when it comes to your refrigerator’s longevity. Not only is cleaning the refrigerator important when it comes to health, it’s also helpful in preventing damage to your appliance. Make sure to clean your entire refrigerator, paying special attention to the gaskets. Cleaning the gaskets prevents ineffective seals and keeps cold air inside to minimize stress on your refrigerator and keep it working effectively for many years to come.
  • Maintain spacing: A lot of people don’t pay attention to the spacing of the refrigerator in relation to walls and cabinets, but it’s important to make sure your refrigerator is properly spaced to prevent issues. Avoid using the top of your refrigerator for storage, and keep your refrigerator at least a couple inches away from the wall. This will prevent problems caused by ineffective heat dissipation.
  • Change your water filter: The water filter in your fridge is very important when it comes to maintaining a reliable, clean source of drinking water, as well as water for ice. If your refrigerator has a water filter, replace it every six months or so to maintain your trustworthy source of clean, purified water.
  • Vacuum condenser coils: Over time, it’s natural for condenser coils to accumulate dust, dirt, grime and debris, and all those things can prevent refrigerators from dissipating heat the way that they’re supposed to. Use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment to gently clean your condenser coils every few months. Regular cleaning can make a big difference in your refrigerator’s performance and longevity.

Work with an honest appliance repair company in St. Peters, MO

If you’re looking for help from honest appliance repair companies in St. Peters, MO, reach out to Crews Appliance Repair. We are a family owned and operated repair company with decades of experience providing comprehensive appliance repair services to our customers. Whether you’re having some technical difficulties with your refrigerator or you’re interested in purchasing a new appliance, our team has the expertise necessary to help you. Give us a call to get started!

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