Spotting Common Refrigerator Problems

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How many times do you go to your fridge throughout the day? Do the majority of the groceries you buy require refrigeration? You and your family need access to a functional refrigerator to go about your busy lives. So, when your fridge stops working entirely, it’s cause for concern.

It’s essential to keep an eye out for common fridge problems so you can call an expert about local refrigerator repairs in St. Peters, MO. The sooner you have any issues addressed, the less the repair work will cost you in the long run.

Seven common problems with refrigerators

While using your kitchen, it’s beneficial to monitor the function of your appliances. Catching small issues before they spiral into costly projects saves you a lot of hassle and headache. Ultimately, you minimize the cost of local refrigerator repairs in St. Peters, MO when you notice problems early and reach out to a technician to make necessary fixes:

  • Condensation: Excess condensation inside your fridge and the exterior indicates a problem with the cooling system or the seals. Either way, condensation may cause mold or mildew, which pose hazards to you and your family.
  • Spoiled food: Over the last few months, food in your fridge has started losing its freshness sooner. Maybe your groceries have spoiled much faster than they should. As your fridge struggles to maintain the correct temperature, it consumes more energy, putting additional stress on this essential appliance.
  • Frozen freezer: Of course, you want your refrigerator’s freezer compartment to freeze foods stored inside of it. However, the interior of your freezer should not resemble a scene from the North Pole. If frost builds up on the walls and shelves, you’ll need to get someone out to look at your fridge.
  • Running hot: The components that work to keep your fridge cold run warm. That’s normal. Feeling heat radiate off your fridge is not normal. This indicates the motor is struggling to meet the demand of operating your refrigerator. Never put your hand directly on the coils on the back of your fridge.
  • Loud buzzing: A functional fridge makes a subtle humming noise. It’s cause for concern when your fridge starts to make a loud buzzing sound because it’s most likely an indication that the motor has stopped working correctly.
  • Silence: On the other hand, if your fridge doesn’t make any sound, you also have a problem that requires repair. A silent refrigerator usually means the motor has stopped working entirely. You’ll probably also notice that the food you stored in there is warmer than usual.
  • More than 10 years old: Refrigerators usually last for about a decade. After that, you’re counting down until it’s time to replace it. If your fridge is more than 10 years old and continually requires repairs, you’ll want to consider buying a new one.

Most of us are pretty distracted when we’re in the kitchen. We’re cooking, eating and cleaning, so we miss a failing refrigerator’s common warning signs. When you notice a problem, make sure to call a company that provides reliable local refrigerator repairs in St. Peters, MO. Contact the experts at Crews Appliance Repair now to make an appointment.

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