Why Won’t My Ice Maker Stop Making Ice?

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Many home refrigerator/freezer combo units have a built-in ice maker that dispenses ice out the front of the appliance or into a bin inside. Most people would agree that automatic ice makers are convenient, but they do need regular maintenance to stay in good working order and keep producing great-tasting ice. If you run into a problem with your ice maker—such as making too much ice—the good news is that there are steps you can take to remedy the situation.

An ice maker can overproduce for a number of different reasons, all of which should be diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible. Stop the mess and waste! Here’s what residents of St. Peters, MO need to know and do about an ice maker that won’t stop making ice.

Specifics of your ice maker

The directions for troubleshooting will depend on the type of ice maker you have. Most new, high-end ice makers are component based, meaning they are composed of a variety of individual components that can be replaced on a part-by-part basis. An obvious characteristic of a component ice maker is exposed gears. The other type you may have is a modular ice maker. These units have fewer components that group together to form larger modules, which means you might have to replace the entire shutoff arm to fix the ice making problem.

Safety first

Before starting repair work on your ice maker, make sure you turn off the power to your freezer. Simply unplug the freezer from the power outlet. Never work on a freezer that’s still connected to electricity. It’s dangerous to do so, since you will be in contact with water while working on the appliance.

The shutoff arm

A freezer shutoff arm is the device in place to prevent too much ice production. This is the large handle that goes over the top of the ice bin, which pushes the arm up to signal the ice maker to stop making ice when the bin is full. A broken, damaged or detached arm could be the reason too much ice is being made nonstop. To test the arm, manually lift it up until it locks into position. Turn the freezer back on and see if ice is being made. If so, the problem is likely with the control module, not the arm. You need to replace this part.

The shutoff switch

To reach individual components in a component-based ice maker, you will have to dismantle it. Check the condition of the components, look for corrosion of damage, then clean or replace them. Next, use a multimeter to check that the shutoff switch is working correctly and to measure its resistance. Replace the switch if it is not connecting as it should when pressed.

If your home ice maker won’t stop making ice, don’t hesitate to contact Crews Appliance Repair in St. Peters, MO for help. We can fix all types of household appliances, including ice makers. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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