The Reasons Your Washer Isn’t Draining

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It’s never a fun surprise to reach into your washing machine, only to find that the water hasn’t drained and you’re left a bunch of waterlogged clothes. It always seems to happen at the worst possible time, but you may be able to fix the problem without calling a plumber or washing machine repair company.

Before you try any of these tips, unplug your washer or flip the breaker that controls the appliance. You’ll also want to bail any standing water out of the tub.

Here’s where to check if your washer’s not draining in St. Peters, MO:

  • Drain hose: The drain hose, which carries water from the machine into the drainage area (often a laundry sink), can’t do its job if it’s obstructed. First, you should check to see if the hose is kinked up, or if the washing machine has been pushed too close to the wall. (If it’s too close, it can form an obstruction.) If that doesn’t do the trick, check to see if the hose is clogged. If you can’t find a visible clog, disconnect the hose and run water through it with a garden hose to dislodge any debris.
  • Belt: Most washing machines require belts to keep the machinery running. Find your owner’s manual and find out where the belts are located on your particular machine, and then check to see if a belt has slipped out of place or is broken. This is a relatively simple repair you should be able to do yourself, but you’ll need to be sure to get the right replacement part.
  • Pump: Check the owner’s manual for the pump location, and then examine each component to make sure there’s no debris or other obstructions. Rinse the screen, make sure the fan is moving freely and look for cracks or other signs of a leak.
  • Lid switch: A broken lid switch won’t make a clicking noise when you open the washing machine lid and press it. If it is broken, it could be stopping your machine from draining.
  • Drain: Finally, check the drain itself. If coins or other objects get caught in the drain, that can create a blockage. Use a plumber’s snake to see if you can dislodge the blockage—and remember to check your pockets before tossing laundry into the machine.

If your washer still isn’t draining after trying these tips—or if you don’t feel comfortable making the repairs yourself—that means it’s time to call in the pros.

Washer not draining? Get repairs in St. Peters, MO

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