The Most Common Reasons Why Your Fridge Isn’t Cooling Properly

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Have you noticed that your refrigerator doesn’t seem to be keeping your food cold enough? Food spoilage can be a costly and nasty surprise, and a hassle on top of that. The reasons your fridge isn’t cold could require a simple fix in St. Peters, MO. Some repairs might be easy enough to attempt on your own, but when you need to call a professional, Crews Appliance Repair is happy to get the job done right.

Here are some of the most common reasons your fridge isn’t staying cool:

  • Dirty condenser coils: When’s the last time you looked at the coils on the back or bottom of your fridge? If it’s been a while, the dust, dirt and even hair that collect there can cause the fridge to malfunction. To solve this, unplug your fridge and run a vacuum over the coils.
  • Leaky door gaskets: If cold air is leaking out of your fridge or freezer, it might be because you have old or faulty door gaskets (the rubber stripping around the door that helps seal the cold air in). Look for torn or loose gaskets.
  • Malfunctioning anti-frost feature: The anti-frost feature uses a fan to blow air around, and when it’s obstructed or malfunctioning, it will make loud noises thanks to the unbalanced fan. You’ll also notice a buildup of frost around the coils.
  • Broken temperature controls: If your temperature controls aren’t working, you may be setting your fridge at the wrong temperature, or the control may be broken entirely.
  • Not enough airflow: Got a ton of food in your fridge? This might be obstructing the air flow, which is necessary for keeping your food cool. Try moving things around or downsizing your containers to see if you get better results.
  • Clogged vents: If you notice the vents between the fridge and freezer are clogged with ice, that could be impeding the fridge’s cooling. Unplug the fridge and let the ice melt, then plug it back in.
  • Broken door switch: The door switch is activated when you open the door, turning on the light inside and turning off the active cooling. If the switch is broken, your fridge won’t get the memo to resume cooling. Also, the light can generate additional heat, which will affect the internal temperature.
  • Leaking coolant: Finally, while rare, it is possible that your fridge could be leaking coolant. In this case, you’ll want to call a professional immediately.

Schedule professional refrigerator repair

When time is of the essence and your milk is about to go bad, you can’t afford to attempt repairs yourself. Call Crews Appliance Repair in St. Peters, MO for same-day repairs (when possible) as well as a 100-day warranty that is sure to keep you happy. We have knowledge and experience with all the major household appliance brands, and are up to date on the latest models. Whatever challenge your fridge presents, we’ll know what to do. Call us today to set up your repair appointment, and leave the solutions to us.

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