What’s Wrong with My Ice Maker?

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Whether you have an in-freezer ice maker or a standalone model, the ice-cold beverage that you are able to enjoy during the hot summer months is made possible by the ice maker’s effective operation. When the appliance is not working correctly, though, it can be a terrible inconvenience, and you will undoubtedly want to have it repaired as soon as possible. Fortunately, your local appliance repair company is here to help you troubleshoot some of the most common ice maker repairs in St. Peters, MO:

  • Control arm: When your freezer is packed full of frozen goods, it is very easy for the control arm to inadvertently get knocked into the PAUSE position, or to be knocked off completely. The arm will also engage when the ice maker is full, but clearing the ice bin or putting the arm back into position should easily resolve either of these issues.
  • Frozen water line: It is also not uncommon for the water line to become frozen. An ice maker that is no longer able to produce cubes at an efficient rate is usually the first sign that the line is beginning to freeze. When the line is frozen completely, your ice maker will likely not make any ice at all. After you have unplugged the refrigerator and turned off the water valve, try defrosting the line with a hair dryer. After the water has begun to thaw, you should be able to hear it moving into the ice maker again.
  • Incorrect temperature: Your ice maker may also stop working properly if the temperature is set too low. Make sure to check the owner’s manual for the recommended temperature, as a setting that is too low may cause the water to freeze before reaching the funnel.
  • Leakage: If the operation of the ice maker is generally fine, but you have recently noticed some leakage, there are a couple of different areas you can check. First, make sure that both the refrigerator and the individual ice maker unit are level. Afterwards, check that the supply line isn’t damaged, and hasn’t developed any kinks that would block the flow of water.
  • Clogged inlet valve: The water inlet valve is usually located on the back of most refrigerator models, which means it can easily get cluttered with debris and dust over time. To avoid this, make sure to check on the condition of the screen frequently, and clear it whenever it needs to be cleaned.

If you have tried these ice maker repairs in St. Peters, MO with no success, or you are not comfortable attempting them on your own, make sure to give us a call at Crews Appliance Repair. With nearly 40 years of experience, our team is skilled in the safe, efficient and affordable repairs of ice makers of all makes and models. Reach out to us today to schedule your service call so we can make sure your ice maker is ready to help you cool off during the hot summer days ahead!

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