Common Oven Repairs

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If your oven is giving you issues, you may be unsure of how to approach troubleshooting to determine the cause of the problem. Maybe your oven’s temperature seems inconsistent, or cooking times seem to vary wildly. Perhaps your routine blueberry muffins that you’ve been baking for years just don’t seem to come out right anymore and you don’t know if the problem is with you or your oven. Before calling a technician for oven repair in St. Peters, MO, check out these common issues with ovens to determine the nature of your problem:

  • Not heating: Of course, if you’re oven isn’t heating at all, you’ve got a problem on your hands! However, the source of the problem is likely simply that the igniter is damaged. With a damaged igniter, the only thing you’ll need to do is replace it, which should solve the problem and have your oven working as good as new.
  • Temperature inconsistencies: If the temperature of your oven seems inconsistent and cooking times seem to vary, you may want to test your thermostat’s accuracy. This can be done by preheating your oven to a set temperature, then using a separate manual thermometer to check the actual temperature reached. The manufacturer’s manual should give you directions to recalibrate your oven if the thermostat is off. If the recalibration doesn’t work, you’ll need to replace the thermostat.
  • Oven light problems: If your oven light is faulty or won’t come on at all, the first thing to try is replacing the bulb. If that doesn’t fix the issue, there may be wiring issues at fault, or possible damage to the electrical controls. If that’s the case, you definitely need to call a professional for oven repair in St. Peters, MO to handle the issue, as there is a danger of electrocution.
  • Rust: Rust can be a bigger problem than it might sound like. If you’re regularly cleaning your oven and performing routine maintenance, you can help reduce rust and prolong the life of your oven. If, however, rust becomes so bad that a hole has developed on the side of the oven, caused by moisture and cooking, you’ll likely need to replace the entire appliance.
  • Burner element issues: You may also experience issues with the stovetop, such as burner elements not working properly. Try disconnecting the power to the stove, then removing the burner element. Test the element separately, and replace it if needed. You can also call a technician for oven repair in St. Peters, MO to check out improperly working burner elements.

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