How to Properly Maintain Your Cooktop

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A smooth electrical cooktop is often much more attractive than the traditional coil stovetop. It can bring a modern look to the room and provide a streamlined feel to the space. Unfortunately, a smooth-top stove isn’t always the easiest to clean. Sure, you can wipe away a few crumbs with a damp rag, but any actual cleaning will require a bit more elbow grease. Smooth cooktops are notorious for just how easily they get dirty. Even the smallest drip from a simmering stew or boiling water can permanently stain the surface without a proper cleaning. Additional care is also required to prevent discoloration and scratching from regular day-to-day use.

The home chef needs to be proactive about cleaning to ensure their cooktop stays looking great for years to come and doesn’t require cooktop repair in St. Peters, MO. Follow these tips to properly maintain your cooktop.

Cleaning the cooktop

It’s actually pretty easy to clean a dirty cooktop with a few items you’ll probably be able to find in your pantry. First, spray the surface of the glass top with white vinegar and wipe with a damp cloth to remove grease and debris. Then, sprinkle baking soda over the top. This natural cleaner is perfect for breaking down grit and grime without causing any damage to the glass. Cover the entire stovetop with a wet towel for about 15 minutes to loosen any accumulated buildup. Once the time is up, scrub away the baking soda to clean the stove. Use a razor blade to scrape away any stubborn, burned-on food. This should be done slowly and carefully to keep from hurting yourself and damaging the stove. Finish the cleaning process with one final wipe with the vinegar and damp cloth before buffing the stove with a dry cloth for a great shine.

Keep it looking great

You can help keep the cooktop in great shape by taking a few precautions every time you cook:

  • Never use cast iron cookware: Cast iron cookware should never be used on a smooth cooktop. The bottoms of these heavy pans and pots are very rough. Just moving the pot could leave a deep scratch.
  • Don’t drag: Avoid dragging heavy pots across the cooktop to prevent scratches. Instead, lift and transfer the pot.
  • Clean bottoms: Keep the bottoms of pots and pans clean. Any grease accumulated on the bottom can leave dirty rings and marks on the cooktop. These stains can be quite difficult to remove.
  • Avoid spills: We know drips and messes are a part of cooking, but it’s important to keep sugary substances from spilling onto the cooktop. A granulated sugar substance can permanently discolor the surface. The damage can only be fixed with professional cooktop repair in St. Peters, MO.

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