Why Is My Ice Maker Machine Not Working?

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So, you are ready for an ice-cold beverage. You reach for some ice from the freezer and discover the ice maker is not working. Why? What has caused this malfunction? Do you need a new machine? Before you call for appliance repair in St. Peters, MO, try the following troubleshooting tips. Ice makers are nearly universal in their parts and operation, so problems with their function are often easily fixed by homeowners.

If you complete the following steps and are unable to fix your ice maker, contact your local professionals for ice maker repair in St. Peters, MO.

Ice Not Ejecting

If there is ice in the ice mold, but the ice is not ejecting, you most likely have a problem with the mechanical or electrical functions. This could be one of several issues:

  • Control arm out of position: If you’ve been digging around in your freezer to find that buried frozen burrito, you may have pushed the control arm into the “off” position. This stops ice production. To fix the issue, simply locate the arm and move it to the “on” position. “On” is typically the down position.
  • Electrical problem: If the ice mold has ice, and the control arm is in the “on” position, you may have an issue with your electrical connections. The motor or gearbox may need repairs. To check these problems, pull the refrigerator out from the wall, turn off the water supply and disconnect power. Then, find the quick release plug on the rear of the freezer’s interior. Unplug it and reconnect it to ensure a good connection.

Next, remove any ice from the mold. This is easily accomplished by adding water, then removing the melting ice. Once this is complete, plug in the refrigerator and move the ice maker’s control arm to the “off” position. Then, lower the arm back to “on.” In a few seconds, the mold should refill with water. In three to four hours, the ice should have frozen. Check to see if it now ejects. If it still does not work, you probably need a new motor or gearbox. At this point, it’s time to call a supplier of refrigerator parts in St. Peters, MO.

No Ice

Is your ice maker failing to produce ice or producing smaller-than-usual pieces? If so, you probably have a clog in the supply line. This is usually caused by one of two issues:

  • Frozen water: The line might be clogged because there is frozen water in the line. To unclog it, pull out your refrigerator and unplug it. Turn the shutoff valve to the “off” position. Then, pour warm water over the water line. A turkey baster is a good tool to use for this. You can also use a hair dryer to defrost the line, or simply leave the refrigerator unplugged for at least two hours. Once it’s defrosted, plug in the fridge, turn on the valve and listen for the water supply to fill the ice mold. If it does not, contact a professional for ice maker repair in St. Peters, MO.
  • Clogged filter: If the line isn’t clogged, the water filter might be. Replace the filter, which is usually found inside the freezer. If this does not solve the issue, seek professional appliance repair in St. Peters, MO.

Call for Backup

If you are experiencing ice maker issues, don’t hesitate to contact professionals for ice maker repair in St. Peters, MO. The experts at Crews Appliance Repair are ready to assist you with all your ice maker questions, repairs and replacements.

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