Common Freezer Problems and When You Need Freezer Repair in St. Peters, MO

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A refrigerator and freezer are basic essentials of modern living. While maintaining a busy life, you need the ability to freeze meats, vegetables and other foods to make them last longer before you eat them. When something goes wrong with the freezer, you might panic—a broken freezer can lead to wasted food, which ultimately means wasted money.

There are a lot of common problems freezers have that you might be able to identify and fix on your own, though. Some are really basic, like setting the temperature a little lower, while others are too dangerous, like tampering with the internal electrical system.

Check out some of the most common freezer problems below to determine whether you need to call for freezer repair in St. Peters, MO.

Freezer won’t run

One of the biggest problems people run into with their freezers is that they just won’t run, no matter what. This doesn’t always mean something major has happened, though. Double check that the freezer is plugged in properly and check to make sure you didn’t trip a circuit breaker.

You can test the outlet you’re trying to use for your freezer by plugging something else in that you know works. If that item runs just fine, the problem may lie with your freezer itself. There might be an electrical short or internal issue that requires the help of a professional.

Freezer isn’t cold enough

If your freezer is running constantly but it seems to just not stay cold, your first step should be to check the temperature. The thermostats in freezers can easily be bumped, raising the temperature without you even realizing. Try lowering the temperature to see if that works over the next day or two.

If adjusting the temperature doesn’t work, make sure your freezer has enough room to get proper airflow. Without a constant stream of air, warm air can’t circulate and get cool, meaning the temperature inside will rise.

Additionally, check the seals on your freezer doors. If the seals are worn down or broken, you’ll need to replace them. They might simply be dirty, resulting in a poor seal, which requires a simple scrub-down.

Finally, check your condenser coils. It’s possible they may be frozen over or dirty, resulting in a lack of airflow over them to cool the inside of the freezer. Clean or defrost the coils to see if that fixes the problem.

Water is leaking

If you notice water leaking next to the freezer, don’t panic! It may just be a spill. If you clean it up and notice it comes back, check the connections between your fridge and water sources, which might be leaking.

Next, check the freezer condensation pan. This can sometimes overfill for different reasons. Sometimes an excess amount of frost builds up on the evaporator coils, melting and overflowing out of the pan. Other times, water simply can’t evaporate out of the pan fast enough. We recommend calling for freezer repair in St. Peters, MO when dealing with the evaporator coils and defrost heating system since they are a little trickier to work with.

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