Washing Machine Getting Ready for Liftoff? Here Are Some Tips to Fix an Off-Balance Washer

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Most people realize that something is up with their washing machine when the spin cycle seems to go crazy. If you have an off balanced washer, then the spin cycle will make a lot of noise, such as rattling, clicking, bouncing, vibrating and other noises. When you first notice an issue, take swift action to prevent damage to the washing machine or having to replace the entire unit. The good news is that the solution could be simpler than you may think, although the balance problem could be attributed to one of many potential causes.

Does it seem like your washing machine is getting ready for liftoff? Here are five tips to fix an off-balance washer before calling a professional for washing machine repair in St. Peters, MO:

  • Check that all shipping materials are removed: If you brought home your new washing machine yourself—that is, if it was not delivered and set up professionally—make sure to check that all shipping and packing materials have been removed. From shipping bolts to metal clamps to spacers, if these things are not removed, they can cause problems during the spin cycle, even damage the machine.
  • Make sure the machine is level: The washing machine must be level across the front, back and sides to keep from rocking all over the place during the spin cycle. All that rocking will make the machine off-balance. For good balance, place it on a flat, solid surface and make sure all four legs are firmly on the floor. Refer to the installation instructions for proper setup.
  • Clear out laundry caught in the unit: Laundry that gets caught in the washer will throw off the balance of the machine. If you experience balance issues, check that clothing is not caught below the tub or between the agitator and the inner tub. Know that other things in the wash can also cause problems, including loose change and buttons. Look in the machine. If you can’t see the obstruction, remove the top or front panel and the agitator, then take out the item and any other debris.
  • Don’t overload the machine: You should never fill the washer to the very top with laundry, because this will overload the machine. To test whether an overloaded machine is the cause of the balance issue, wash a small load and see if the problem occurs during the spin cycle. If it doesn’t, then overloading may indeed be the problem.
  • Use anti-vibration pads: A washer that is still not balanced, but not overloaded, could begin and continue to vibrate and be noisy. Try anti-vibration pads that slip under the feet of your washing machine. These small rubber discs absorb vibration to stop the noise.

Owning a home washer and dryer requires regular maintenance and remedying problems as soon as possible. Luckily, the team at Crews Appliance Repair is experienced in all types of washing machine repair in St. Peters, MO. If your washing machine won’t start, is making noises or is doing something else that’s out of the ordinary, call us today!

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