Four Common Misconceptions About Washer and Dryer Combos

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There are many situations in which a standard size washer and dryer are not ideal for your living situation. Whether you are living in a small home or apartment, or spend a lot of time out on the road in an RV, a washer dryer combo could be the solution for those who don’t have the space for standalone washers and dryers. Needing only electricity and a water source, one full-sized washer and dryer combo unit could be the answer you are looking for to maximize space and efficiency. Take a look at a few of the common misconceptions about these units that a provider of dryer and washing machine repair in St. Peters, MO will help to dispel:

  • Excessive dry times:
    When washer and dryer combos were initially introduced, the units were plagued by long dry times. Unfortunately, this misconception has held up to this day, although the washer and dryer combos that are manufactured now are much improved from the units of old. The washer and dryer combo today can now dry your clothes in the same time that it would take for a standalone dryer—around 45 minutes or so.
  • Inefficient energy usage:
    A lot of people assume that when a washer and dryer are combined into one unit, they use more energy than individual washers and dryers would. The reality, though, is that condensed washer and dryer combos can use anywhere from 50 to 70 percent less energy than standard vented dryers. Although they come in a small package, the increased energy efficiency of newer washer and dryer models could actually wind up saving you money each month.
  • Moisture control:
    Because most combination washer and dryer models do not need to be vented, many people believe that this moisture will be put back into the area surrounding the unit, which would subsequently raise the humidity levels in your home. The truth is, because of the dehumidifying process that takes place within the system, moisture is in fact not released into the air at all. Condensed washer and dryer combos utilize a closed loop system, which prevents not only moisture, but also both lint and heat from being released into the air.
  • Combo machines don’t meet building codes:
    The washer and dryer combos that are on the market today are UL and ETL approved, which means that they meet building codes throughout the country. In addition to meeting the municipal guidelines that are established in each city, many of these units are also approved under the International Building Code.

Here at Crews Appliance Repair, we have experience with the latest washer and dryer combos, and if anything ever goes wrong with your unit, you can rely on us for your repairs. We guarantee all of our repairs with a 100-day warranty, and if your repairs total more than $49, your service call is free. If you suspect that anything is wrong, give us a call anytime you need washing machine or dryer repair in St. Peters, MO.

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