Do You Need Stove Repair? Here Are Three Major Reasons Why Your Electric Burners Might Not Be Working

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Electric stoves work in a very similar way to electric heaters because they use electrical resistance to heat up the burners. If you try to use one of the burners on your electric stove and it won’t get hot or isn’t functioning normally, there is likely a problem with the burner’s electrical components. You may have a faulty or burned out burner switch, block or burner itself.

Since your electric stove or oven is hooked up to high-voltage electricity, it can be extremely dangerous for you to attempt to repair it yourself. However, you don’t need to be an expert in appliance repair in St. Peters, MO to check your electric burners. If you identify the problem but cannot repair it yourself, or if you still can’t figure out what is wrong, call a professional with expertise in stove repair in St. Peters, MO.

How electric burners work

Each electric burner on your stovetop will have two 120-volt “legs” that plug into the burner block. The burner switch has a heat-sensitive contact that regulates the temperature of the burner and allows power to flow to the burner block when the burner is plugged in.

Check for a burned out burner

If one of your burners won’t work, the burner itself may just be burned out or be faulty. To test whether your burner is bad, unplug it from its burner block—it should pull straight out. Unplug a burner that you know is working from its burner block and plug the working burner into the faulty burner’s block.

Turn on the burner and see if it works. If it does, then you should replace the faulty burner with a new one. If it doesn’t work, the problem may be with the burner block or switch.

Inspect the burner block

If a working burner won’t get hot in a particular block, then the block may be the problem. A burner block’s connections can fail, causing it to not provide power to the burner.

Lift the cooktop and inspect the burner block. If you see charred wires or burned and blackened metal, you may have to replace the block. If you do replace it, make sure you unplug the stove first. If you don’t feel comfortable unscrewing your stove’s electrical components, call for appliance repair!

Test the burner switch

The switch inside your stove that controls the temperature and power conductivity might be covered with deposits or completely worn out, making it unable to connect properly. The only way to test the stove switch’s functionality is to unplug the stove and test the continuity with an ohmmeter.

However, since stoves conduct a lot of electricity and have numerous electrical components, we recommend that you leave the testing and replacement of stove switches to the professionals. Call an expert in appliance repair in St. Peters, MO to have them inspect and test your stovetop for the best possible results.

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