Solutions to Common Problems with Washing Machines

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Keeping your clothes clean is important and requires a reliable washing machine to do the job effectively and efficiently. When your washing machine stops working, it can seriously throw off your routine, and it has to be dealt with quickly, otherwise, you’ll be hauling hampers across town to the laundromat. Before you get a maintenance professional on the phone, you can zero in on the issue by troubleshooting a few potential problems with your machine, and potentially avoid the need for washing machine repair in St. Peters, MO:

  • Washing machine doesn’t turn on: This issue is likely caused by a loss of power to your washing machine. If your washing machine doesn’t seem to do anything when you turn it on, check your circuit breaker, lid switch or fuse box. If you have confirmed that your machine is getting power, you can move onto troubleshooting other potential problems. Check to see if the washer is overheated, or if the water level in the washer is preventing it from starting.
  • Washing machine isn’t spinning: First of all, confirm that the lid of your washing machine is fully closed. Once the lid is closed, confirm that all of the settings on the washing machine are correct, and confirm that it is not in a soak cycle. If everything seems to be in order, listen to your washing machine for a humming sound when your washer is full of water. If you hear this sound, it is possible that there is something stuck in your machine’s drain pump.
  • Washing machine isn’t draining water: A failure to drain could be caused by something as simple as a kink in the drain hose. Check your drain hose and make sure that it doesn’t have any kinks, blockages or clogs that could be preventing proper drainage. Issues with your pump are another potential cause of drainage problems. In general, the fix for a pump issue is most likely going to be a pump replacement. You can get help with this from a professional who carries high quality washing machine parts in St. Peters, MO.
  • Washing machine isn’t finishing the cycle: If your washing machine doesn’t finish its cycle, it could be a sign that there is a problem with your timer. You can further investigate this by taking your control panel off and looking for any signs of scorching or corrosion that could have caused the timer to fail or stall.

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