We Offer Appliance Repair in St. Peters, MO—and Replacement, Too

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While we enjoy seeing our customers, we also know that a constant need for appliance repair in St. Peters, MO is a sign that it may be time to shop around for something new. At Crews Appliance Repair, we find many instances where a customer would be better off getting a replacement. You may be in this situation too if you notice:

  • Your appliances are near the end of their useful life. Dishwashers have a life expectancy of nine years and refrigerators about 13 years. Ranges are the longest lasting at 15 years. If your appliances are near these ages, it is only a matter of time before they fail. Replacing an appliance now means avoiding an emergency shopping trip later.
  • It is one problem after another. If repairs do not hold like they used to, your appliance may simply be done. Freezers and refrigerators may no longer hold a cool temperature, and you may find yourself replacing a stove burner only to have another one die. If this is what you expect with an older appliance, it is likely time to find a replacement.
  • Energy efficiency is not ideal. Newer appliances are also more efficient. If you are looking at cutting costs, trading in your old range for an Energy Star model is a good course of action. You will notice the difference in your utility bills.

Crews Appliance Repair is happy to offer appliance repair in St. Peters, MO. If you are trying to decide whether to repair or replace, call us today for an appointment.

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