Benefits of Regular Appliance Maintenance

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Appliances are a big part of what makes your home a truly comfortable place in which to live. They do important tasks and enable you to have more leisure time to do your favorite pastimes. Like all mechanical things, it is important to maintain your appliances regularly in order to receive the most benefits from them. The owner’s manual that comes with virtually all appliances should detail general maintenance schedules that you should abide by for the best results. General Types of Maintenance for Your Appliances The many types of appliances in your home generally need similar types of maintenance.... View Article

When to Call a Professional for Appliance Repair

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Repairing a home appliance is no simple matter. The appliances in your home often run on electrical power and might have a hookup for natural gas or a similar flammable gas. Some appliances run on electricity but use water to fulfill their intended purpose. Making a mistake with appliance maintenance or repair work could do more than kill your appliance. It also might lead to a serious injury or death of one or more people in your household. A gas line might not be fitted properly and leak. An electrical circuit might be exposed and create an electrical shock hazard.... View Article

How Often Should I Change My Refrigerator Water Filter?

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When do I replace my refrigerator water filter? As a homeowner, you want to have the necessary information to keep your refrigerator in the best condition possible. Here is how and when to check your appliance. How Often Should I Change My Refrigerator Water Filter? Your refrigerator’s water filter should be replaced every six months. If you have hard water, live in an area with high mineral content, or use your fridge’s ice and water dispenser frequently, you may need to replace your filter more often. However, knowing the vital signs is necessary to inform you when to change your... View Article

Significant Benefits of Using Energy-Efficient Appliances

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In today’s world, we are more and more dependent on various electronic appliances that make our lives easier. However, the more appliances you have at home, the higher your energy bill is. The truth is that almost 30% of our monthly bills go to energy bills. For this reason, more and more manufacturers come up with energy-efficient appliances. If you are asking yourself, “Why should I get energy efficient appliances?”, here is a list of benefits of having them. What Are the Benefits of Energy-Efficient Appliances? Here is why more and more people have started buying energy-efficient appliances: They Improve the Quality... View Article

Why Is My Washer Loud During Spin Cycle?

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My washer is loud during spin cycle, while the expectation is that this important appliance should operate silently. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case but a common issue that has been prevalent among many homeowners. Unfortunately, most homeowners tend to think this is a simple challenge affecting their washer, only for the problem to continue growing. Why is my washer making loud sounds? Let’s discuss the possible reasons. 1. Loose Drum Screws Loose drum screws are one of the most common reasons your washer makes loud noises during the spin cycle. Over time, the vibrations from the washer can... View Article